New computers, servers and laptops – Dell for PC’s and Lenovo for Laptops.  Select used computers available on a limited basis.

PBX Phone systems
Handsets by Yealink, Polycom, Aastra, Cisco, Grandstream, Linksys or Snom.  Utilize traditional copper phone lines or high speed internet for incredible monthly savings. Incredible features allow for a unified communications solution. Full featured VOIP phone systems for small to medium sized business that can be either cloud hosted on on premise.  Features included are virtual receptionist,  one touch transfers to extensions, voicemails delivered to email, video conferencing, website live chat and talk and click-to-call from web sites.  A companion app for cell phones, tablets and PC’s is available that can ring in conjunction with your hand set so you never miss a call.  If the power or internet goes out the calls can still flow in their normal manner using the app on Cell Phones/ Tablets/PC’s. The app can also be used to remotely control the flow of inbound callers, so if the office is closed for snow you can send it to a “closed for weather” message, or if the receptionist is out you can send incoming calls to another employee. If you want to call out bound to customers you can use the app and show the main company number as the caller ID, and keep your cell phone number private.

New units from SonicWall or Pfsense.
IP blacklists stop users from unknowingly visiting harmful web sites.
Country block – block attacks from, and prevent users from visiting web
websites in foreign countries.

Managed Services
Backup, antivirus/malware protection, asset management and remote monitoring.
Centrally monitored over the internet for total overview and management of the health of the  computers and all devices connected to the network.  Alarms are configurable for hundreds of operating parameters that can signal coming problems and allow proactive response before the end user is even aware of a problem.

Network Wiring
Cat 5/6 copper cabling to connect your computers and network equipment together to create the back bone of your IT infrastructure. Expand existing networks to accommodate new users and expand wireless network infrastructure.

Wireless Networking
We install cutting edge wireless networking products to increase the speed, range and security of your wireless network.